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THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE «Malaise» LP/CD pre-orders 22 Oct 2015

We are glad to announce the release of THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE's third album «Malaise» - LPs and CDs are available here or via Deathwish Inc for US customers. The record is out now on CD and digital - with 12" vinyl version to follow in January - and can be downloaded for free here. Head over to Cvlt Nation for an exclusive interview (english/french) - the band will be touring though Europe in December. 


"Bayonne-based quintet THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have been nothing but unstoppable since their very first steps in 2009, tirelessly sculpting a signature sound torn between the most abrasive sides of chaotic hardcore, post-metal or screamo. After gaining a growing reputation all over Europe due to their 250 staggering, seizure-inducing live shows, the band returned to Amaury Sauvé's studio in Laval during summer 2015 to track «Malaise», their third full-length and follow-up to 2013's «Consequences».

While most acts tend to soften with age, the band's work has only become darker over the years. Opener "Le Parfum" sets the tone, with merciless, spasmodic rhythms morphing into bleak, slow-paced heaviness and emotionally-charged vocals screamed to the breaking point. From the straight-up barrage of grinding yet melodic tracks ("Carrying Icons", "Final Relief") to more downtempo, menacing ones ("Syngue Sabour", "Thousand Of Nails"), «Malaise» is a dense album with rich atmospheres and structures. On these nine tracks THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE's trademark sound has turned more expressive, resulting in nothing but the band's strongest material to date."

- Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle/The Apiary, Laval
- Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering, Boston
- Artwork photos by Louis Triol

Tracklist :
1 - Le Parfum
2 - Carrying Icons
3 - Passing Daemons
4 - Syngue Sabour
5 - Je Me Noierai
6 - Ildoak
7 - Makurrak
8 - Final Relief
9 - Thousand Of Nails

BIRDS IN ROW/WAITC «Split» 10"EP out Oct.30th 10 Oct 2015

Pre-order/download for free

"The most "local" split you can get - written, recorded, designed, pressed and released in Laval, France. A perfect pairing between two loud and abrasive three-pieces, both tracked and mixed at La Senelle by Amaury Sauvé.

At this point BIRDS IN ROW should need no introduction, spreading their trademark tense and heartfelt hardcore/punk to every single corner of the globe with a P.A. system all along these last six years. These three new anthems make no exception, encapsulating all their savoir-faire whether it comes to raging heaviness or to more powerfully melancholic tracks. This is the band's first installment in a string of splits that will see the light in the future.

Following a bunch of EPs, this split marks WAITC's brutal first steps on vinyl. Founded in 2012 (and formerly known as We Are In The Country) this young band has refined its sound over the years, delivering what could be described as an angst-ridden, noise-infused reinterpretation of Ebullition-era screamo. With their distinctive nervous riffing and triple vocal assault perfectly served by an harsh, in-the-red production, these three tracks are directly establishing the band as a force to be reckoned with."

1 - Birds In Row — Can't Leave 
2 - Birds In Row — Can't Lie 
3 - Birds In Row — Can't Love 
4 - WAITC — Empty Decade/Saturnism 
5 - WAITC — Veiled Ax 
6 - WAITC — Empty Mailbox

- Side A mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, Boston 
- Side B mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Studio Gröndahl, Stockholm 
- Artwork by Bart Balboa and Matthis Lacroix

Pre-order now : BIRDS IN ROW/WAITC «Split» 10" plus upcoming 12"s from BIRDS IN ROW, CULT LEADER & LOMA PRIETA on Deathwish 18 Sep 2015

We are taking pre-orders for the BIRDS IN ROW/WAITC split 10". Two variations are available from us (limited ultraclear & black vinyl), and from Deathwish Inc in North America (they also have an exclusive transparent red version). The record will be out on October 30th, and pre-orders include an immediate download of the whole album. 

Need more BIRDS IN ROW in your life? It's your lucky day, as they will put out a new 12"EP/CD on Deathwish Inc at the same time. It's called «Personal War», they have just unveiled a great music video for it, and if you saw the band this year, you know how ripping these tracks are. We are handling european pre-orders for it, and it comes in three color variations. Vinyl will ship in november, CD & merch in october. - 

Last but not least, we are also handling european pre-orders for the two next Deathwish releases : CULT LEADER «Lightless Walk» 12"/CD and LOMA PRIETA "Self Portrait" 12"/CD. Vinyl will ship in november, CD in october.

DISTRO UPDATE - Sept.10th 10 Sep 2015

NEUROSIS | Through Silver In Blood [2x12"]
NEUROSIS | Times Of Grace [2x12"]
TRIBES OF NEUROT | Grace [2x12"]
FULL OF HELL & MERZBOW | Self-Titled [12"]
FULL OF HELL | Rudiments Of Mutilation [12"]
FULL OF HELL | Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home [12"]
NOISEM | Blossoming Decay [12”]
ILSA | The Felon’s Claw [2x12”] 
GENOCIDE PACT | Forged Through Domination [12”] 
CHOKEHOLD | Prison Of Hope [12”] 
CHOKEHOLD | Content With Dying [12”] 
CHOKEHOLD | Self-Titled [12”]
PIG DESTROYER | Prowler In The Yard [12"]
LEVIATHAN | True Traitor, True Whore [12"]
LEVIATHAN | Massive Conspiracy Against All Life [2x12"]
LEVIATHAN | The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide [2x12"]
BÖLZER | Aura [12"]
SLAYER | South Of Heaven [12"]
NIRVANA | Nevermind [12"]
MYRKUR | M [12"]
LOCRIAN | Infinite Dissolution [12"]
MASTODON | Call Of The Mastodon [12"]
MINSK | The Crash And The Draw [2x12"]
HOPE DRONE | Cloak Of Ash [2x12"]
IRON REAGAN | The Tyranny Of Will [12"]
USNEA | Random Cosmic Violence [2x12"]
BEASTMILK | Climax [12"]
MASTODON | Leviathan [12"]
MASTODON | Remission [2x12"]
NASUM | Helvete [12"]
NOTHING | Guilty Of Everything [12"]
PRIMITIVE MAN | Home Is Where The Hatred Is [12"]
PRIMITIVE MAN | Scorn [12"]
TRUE WIDOW | Circumbulation [12"]
YOB | Clearing The Path To Ascend [2x12"]
THEM FREQUENCIES | Rise Then Fall [12”] 
KEHLVIN/FLESHWORLD | To Deny Everything That's Mundane [12"] 
ART OF BURNING WATER | Living Is For Giving, Dying Is For Getting [12"]
JØTNARR | Burn And Bury [12"] 
CLOCKED OUT | Self-Titled [12"]
SCREEN WIVES | Women In Love [12"] 
IRON REAGAN | Spoiled Identity [12"]
GRAVEHILL | Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery [12"]
BLIND TO FAITH | Under The Heptagram [12"]
GEHENNA | Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris [12"]
NOISEM | Agony Defined [12"]
IRON REAGAN | Worse Than Dead [12"]
VILIPEND | Inamorata [12"]
ILSA | Intoxicantations [12"]
MIGHTY SPHINCTER | Resurrection [7"]
ROSES NEVER FADE | Self-Titled [12"]
IN COLD BLOOD | Suicide King [12"]
PICK YOUR SIDE | Let Me Show You How Democracy Works [12”] 
SICK FIX | Vexed [12"] 
ENFORCERS | End Of Time [12”] 

33 distro titles at 33% off, week one 07 Sep 2015

Browse our selection here -
Another round will be up next week.

ABSTRACTER | Tomb Of Feathers [12"]
ABORYM | Generator [12"]
ABEST | Asylum [12"]
ACCIDENTE | Amistad Y Rebelión [12"]
AFTERLIFE KIDS | Geisterhand [12"]
ASIDEFROMADAY | Manufactured Landscape [12"]
ASIDEFROMADAY | Chasing Shadows [12"]
ANNE | Pulling Chain [12"]
ANORAK | Go Up In Smoke [12"]
ADOBE HOMES | Piñata [9"]
AOSOTH | III: Violence & Variations [12"]
AOSOTH | Ashes Of Angels [12"]
AC4 | Self-Titled [12"]
BLANK | Suspiria [12"]
BEG | Self-Titled [12"]
BLOODY PHOENIX | Ode To Death [12"]
BRIGHTER ARROWS | Dreamliner [12"]
BLACK TUSK | Tend No Wounds [12"]
BATTLE PATH | Empiric [12"]
BUZZOVEN | Violence From The Vault [12"]
COLD BLUE MOUNTAIN | Old Blood [12"]
COLISEUM | Deluxe Reissue [2x12"]
CHOLERA | Plagiarised Hope [7"]
CONFUSION | Dogz [12"]
CHAMBERS | La Mano Sinistra [12"]
CURSE THIS OCEAN | Lightbringer [12"]

Free worldwide shipping until Sept.4th! 31 Aug 2015

As summer is over we're renewing our free worldwide shipping deal for all orders over 60€ until Sept.4th! Just enter the code FREESHIPPING at checkout - all orders will include some goodies (posters, stickers, etc...)!

Each order will be helpful for our upcoming releases (new The Rodeo Idiot Engine! New Verdun! New Love Sex Machine!) as well as for the Birds In Row/WAITC split we announced a few days ago.

- Note that we'll automatically pick the cheapest shipping method - then it depends on the weight, but if standard shipping reaches 9€ for France and 16€ for Europe, we'll switch to registered shipping. Otherwise e-mail us after ordering if you want to switch to registered shipping. 

- The discount may not work if you purchase a bundle - in this case e-mail us after ordering and we'll sort it out.

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