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Hardcore/punk • Laval, France

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[THRT021] BIRDS IN ROW | Collected

April 15th 2012 (3rd repress - May 12th 2014) · Throatruiner Records · 12"LP/DIGITAL

"Birds In Row make hardcore punk with an utterly anthemic vibe. Vocals seethe with realness while a burly rhythm section pounds out a bulletproof, mid-tempo foundation worthy of Young Widows or Sweet Cobra. Much like Ghostlimb, Birds In Row convey lifetimes’ worth of emotion without ever sounding weak. The heart is laid bare but the spine is intact. Collected consists of the entire Rise of the Phoenix 7” and Cottbus EP, plus the first song the band ever recorded, “Phoenix”, which has not seen the light of day until now. All music on Collected was recorded by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle Studio in Birds In Row’s hometown of Laval, France, and mastered by Sylvain Biguet."

[THRT008] BIRDS IN ROW | Cottbus

February 28th 2011 · Throatruiner Records/Vitriol/Swarm Of Nails · 12"EP/DIGITAL

"Cottbus bulldozes over you without looking back. Seven songs go by and your speakers are left drenched in sweat. The production is huge. The guitar tone is warm, the drums sound organic and the vocals are distorted. Still there's such an oomph to this whole affair that immediately - even though tempting - comparisons with impressive European "screamo" acts feel uncalled for. So I won't go there. But keep it mind. Cottbus applies pressure on you. The only respites from all the rage is the intro-like "Among The Ashes" and "Outro". Everything else booms and crashes in a heartfelt and beautiful fashion." (Halifax Collect)