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Chaotic hardcore • Bayonne, France

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September 15th 2013 · Throatruiner Records/Black Lake/Dingleberry · 12"LP/DIGITAL

"After having spent a good part of the last two years delivering spasmodic live shows all across Europe, Basque-based THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have entered the studio with producer/sound engineer Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Death Engine, As We Draw…) to record "Consequences", their deafening second full-length. Recorded live to keep the chaos and intensity of the band's physical live performances, these eleven tracks spread a wider, more personal sound, expanding their brutally crushing and discordant brand of hardcore to new horizons. Constantly switching between two-minute ear-blasting assaults that will make your adrenaline rush and slower, heavier tracks where the band explores a more oppressive atmosphere, "Consequences" shows a band that has matured and expanded it's musical vision, while sounding tighter and wilder than ever."

[THRT014] THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE | Fools Will Crush The Crown

August 30th 2011 · Throatruiner Records/Enema Thematics · 12"LP/DIGITAL

"We’re not all born under same stars. While some grow up in utter and shitty boredom in a peaceful suburbean house, others come into being in a world where one diverts himself by releasing bulls in the streets and where the quick words for diplomacy are “ETA”. And this inevitably affects psychological development. The Basque of THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE are the most obvious living proof or so to speak of this and after a first EP in 2010 (” The First Fall”) which had already triggered two European touring escapades for them and a wheelbarrow of first parts (Nadja, Kruger, Celeste…), the quintet climbs few stages in musical extremism with their first album “Fools Will Crush The Crown”. 28 minutes of brain drying which quite matches in brutality with THE CHARIOT adding the close to epileptic technical patterns of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN in their beginnings, as much as the intensity of SHORA most chaotic period mixed with the all-reaching over-achieved blackness of CELESTE."