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KEN MODE | Venerable [12"] THRT026

"Known for effortlessly blending noise rock reminiscent of old-school Amphetamine Reptile bands with the raw and aggressive nature of modern hardcore, KEN MODE has become one of the most devastating bands in the underground, following suit in the lineage of forward thinking heavy music to come out of the Great White North – what you might hear if Voivod and Cursed had a baby that started a noise-rock band. Songs like “Batholith” and “Book of Muscle” cling to the traditions of hardcore music that resonate with fans of Converge or Trap Them while “A Wicked Pike” takes on spastic noise rock elements, and “Flight of the Echo Hawk” pushes forth as a mind-bending instrumental masterpiece, clearly influenced by the post-rock movement of the 2000s. "Venerable", the band's fourth full-length album was produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge), mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, and features layout by Randy Ortiz."
- Recorded & mixed by Kurt Ballou
- Mastered by Alan Douches
- Artwork by Randy Ortiz

Product Information

This is the european vinyl version of this record, originally released by Profound Lore (CD) and Init (LP). Comes on solid red vinyl.

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